Court Street Arts art show reception

We’ve Got Great Events Planned for 2024!

Add Court Street Arts to your plans for great live music, fun events for kids, and classes to nurture your body.


Enjoy dinner before the show at our Bailiff’s Cafe! We offer a selection of craft beer and wine along with desserts and other light fare options in addition to dinner.


Fairytale For Kids
July 5 – August 9 

This summer, enjoy enchanting tales starting July 5 at 3 pm with “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” followed by “Return to Oz,” “Neverland,” “Lost in Wonderland,” and “Rapunzel.” Magic and adventure await!

Fairy Tale Theatre For Kids

Fairy Tale Theatre For Kids
July 5 – August 9
$5 entry fee for ages 3 and up

July 5, 3 pm
Emperor Thelonious loves nothing more than his collection of clothing, made of the most expensive
and rarest clothes from around the world. When a mysterious peddler comes to town with magic fabric
that appears invisible to those unworthy, the Emperor learns and important lesson in humility.

July 12, 3 pm

Dorothy returns to the magic land in hopes of finding her friends once again, but somehow the
Emerald City has lost it’s sparkle and a new witch in town is ready to rumble. While magic powers
and flying monkeys can seem scary, friendship always wins over witches in the magic land of Oz.

July 19, 3 pm

We all know the story of Wendy, Peter, and John, but what happened in Neverland before they
arrived? Join Peter on his early adventures in Neverland, featuring lost boys, mermaids, and Captain
Jim, who was merely passing through Neverland until he got “hooked” on the magical land!

August 2, 3 pm
Following a white rabbit leads Alice on a very strange adventure. In a place where up means down
and right means wrong, Alice discovers a world filled with a strange smiling cat, a wild tea party, and
a Queen whose temper is as red as the hearts on her dress!

August 9, 4 pm
High in a tower, surprises await as a fair maiden longs for a friend, an old crone longs for an
understanding daughter, and a seagull longs for some crackers. But will a passerby be able to spy
the strange structure, figure out how to reach its top, and solve everyone’s problems? Only time and
magic will tell as truth and honesty are tested.



Big Joe Fitz

Big Joe Fitz
July 26, 7:30pm

Big Joe Fitz, a Hudson Valley music icon for 30+ years, leads Big Joe Fitz & The Lo-Fi’s with superb musicianship and a diverse playlist. Enjoy $20 pre-ordered dinners at The Bailiff’s Café from 6:30–7:30pm.

Big Joe Fitz

Big Joe Fitz
Friday, July 26, 7:30pm
Tickets: $25

The name Big Joe Fitz has been synonymous with soulful music in New York’s Hudson Valley for more than 30 years and there’s a very good reason for that.  When you see Big Joe Fitz & The Lo-Fi’s in performance not only will you experience outstanding musicianship and an eclectic playlist that ranges from Bobby Bland to Johnny Mercer to Ernest Tubb and beyond, but you will be entertained by a live show that is always warm, always engaging, and always fun.  Big Joe and the fellas love what they do, and they do it very well indeed.

Big Joe Fitz and gang

Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica: Big Joe Fitz was born into a musical family in New York City and was drawn to the blues early on. At that time it was still possible to see the biggest names in blues in the small clubs of Greenwich Village, and early encounters with Muddy Waters, BB King, Paul Butterfield and others set him firmly on the blues highway. An extraordinary encounter with Howlin’ Wolf at The Newport Folk Festival in 1966 and meeting Lightnin’ Hopkins at the 1st Ann Arbor Blues Festival in 1969 sealed the deal on a lifelong devotion to the blues. In the 1970s he performed in and around the New York City area with the guitarist Smokin’ Sal Cafiero.

The 1980s found Big Joe living in New York’s Hudson Valley Region and beginning his long tenure at radio station WDST which ran for 30 years Big Joe Fitz is a warm and engaging performer. “My goal is to connect with the audience… that’s what I’m thinking about every time I step on the stage.” He is a singer of uncommon sensitivity whose roots are deep in the Blues but whose music also combines elements of jazz, swing, funk, and soul. As a performer Big Joe has opened for or shared the stage with such notable names as The Holmes Brothers, Marcia Ball, Mighty Sam McClain, Eddie Kirkland, Little Sammy Davis, Madeleine Peyroux, Janiva Magness and more

The Bailiff’s Café will be serving up pre-ordered dinners at $20 each.

Menu options:

  • Mediterranean bean salad served on a bed of mixed greens with a roll
  • Seafood chowder, salad of mixed greens with fresh veggies and a roll

Doors open at 6pm.
Dinner is served from 6:30 – 7:30pm.




Maple Leaf Seven
Aug 4, 3:00 pm

Join us for The Maple Leaf Seven concert on August 4 at 3 PM on the North Common in Haverhill Corner. Free event; donations welcome. In case of rain, the concert will be held at Alumni Hall on Court Street.

Maple Leaf Seven

AUGUST 4, 2024 | 3:00PM

Join us for a Concert on the North Common in Haverhill Corner!
This event is free, but donations are greatly appreciated.

Experience live music in a beautiful setting. The concerts are free to attend, but donations are greatly appreciated to help support these community events. Come and enjoy an evening of great music and good company!

Featuring: The Maple Leaf Seven

Vermont’s own traditional jazz band, The Maple Leaf Seven, provides “Dixieland” and classic swing throughout the northeast for jazz lovers and dancers. The band features traditional and contemporary interpretations of jazz standards on clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass, and drums.

In the event of rain, the concert will be held at Alumni Hall on Court Street, Haverhill.




A young person is deeply engaged in building a structure with cardboard and blue tape. They are seated on the floor of a workshop area, surrounded by building materials and tools, demonstrating a hands-on approach to learning and creativity at Court Street Arts.

WMSI Maker Camp
August 5-9
9-2pm daily

A promotional graphic for line dancing classes featuring Conrad Farnham, with a photo of Conrad on the left and silhouettes of line dancers in various poses, next to the 'Copper Knob' logo on a wooden background.

Line Dancing w/Conrad Farnham
April 13 – August 17

Yoga Session

Where is Court Street Arts?

75 Court Street, Haverhill, NH 03765

(603) 989-5500


Court Street is located off of Route 10 in the historic town of Haverhill, NH. Once in town, look for Haverhill Common. Court Street divides the two greens. Alumni Hall is approximately 1000 feet from the end of the street on the left.

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