Throughout the summer months, we offer classes for kids, and yoga classes for adults.

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Paint and Sip Series - 2023
WMSI Summer MakerCamp
A promotional graphic for line dancing classes featuring Conrad Farnham, with a photo of Conrad on the left and silhouettes of line dancers in various poses, next to the 'Copper Knob' logo on a wooden background.

Line Dancing w/Conrad Farnham
April 13 – August 17

Line Dancing w/Conrad Farnham

April 13 – August 17
Adult $15 – Kids under 12 $10

Conrad Farnham has choreographed over 100 dances which most are featured on the world line dancing network,  Copperknob . Conrad teaches line dancing to all ages ranging from 5 to 95 at venues across the Northeast and guest appearances in Florida as well as venues that requested line dancing instruction during his time as the Band/Tour Manager for one of the top country bands in New England, The Shana Stack Band.

Conrad and his Copperhead Line Dancers won the 1st Annual Halloween Line Dance Video Contest 2017 presented by Skyler Spencer Entertainment, Nashville, TN. He was also a guest instructor on the Sunset Line Dance Cruise out of Boston Harbor and at Stomp in Provincetown, MA. Conrad was nominated by The Line Dance Association for their 2019 Hall of Fame Awards for:

– Choreography Beginner for You Make Me Wanna Sway
– Country Choreography for Born to Be Great


A young person is deeply engaged in building a structure with cardboard and blue tape. They are seated on the floor of a workshop area, surrounded by building materials and tools, demonstrating a hands-on approach to learning and creativity at Court Street Arts.

WMSI Maker Camp
August 5-9
9-2pm daily

2024 White Mountain Summer Maker Camp at Alumni Hall

August 5-9
9-2pm daily

Program Information
Court Street Arts and the White Mountain Science (WMSI) are offering a fun and engaging five-day Maker Camp at Alumni Hall in Haverhill Corner this August. Focusing on STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), the camp is designed for 3rd to 6th grade students of all interests. To allow for a high level of engagement among participants and instructors while also ensuring that appropriate public health guidelines protocols are followed, enrollment will be limited to 16 students. Computer access, project n and all supplies will be provided for each participant. Staffing will include WMSI educators assisted by youth instructors. HHI staff and volunteers will assist with program coordination. WMSI has developed the 2024 Maker Camp curriculum around a number of stand-alone modules that include the following:

  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Makey Makey Circuitry
  • LEGO Robotics
  • CAD & 3D Printing
  • Game Design
  • Hands-on Prototyping Challenges
  • Scratch Coding Projects
  • Storytelling & Engineering

A close-up view of a small, cheerful-looking robot with glowing eyes on a desk scattered with various robotics parts and tools. In the background, there's a blurred view of a laptop with the Apple logo, indicative of the technology-rich learning environment at Court Street Arts.

Flexibility is a hallmark of WMSI’s work and the Camp’s participants will determine how and in what sequence they want to explore various subjects. Over the course of the program educators will improvise in response to the participant’s engagement with material as it is presented.

Participants in the camp will come away with enhanced knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math at a level appropriate to middle school curricula in those subjects. Learning by doing, they will gain an understanding of the interrelationships between these fields and appreciation of how knowledge in them can be deployed to solve complex problems. The program methodology, with its stress on teamwork, will demonstrate the value of collaboration, the importance of good communication, and offer insights into how to build productive partnerships. Camp projects will demonstrate how science, technology, engineering and math are used to solve real-world problems and explore how they are used in different careers.

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