Our Mission:
Court Street Arts at Alumni Hall is where art and community come together. It is a place to spark the imagination, build community and enrich the lives of people throughout the region.

Alumni Hall has a rich and diverse history. In the 19th century it served as the Grafton County Courthouse and in the 20th century, served as the auditorium and gymnasium for the Haverhill Academy. After the closing of the Academy, Alumni Hall remained empty until members of the Haverhill community came together to preserve and revitalize the building. In May of 2005, Alumni Hall underwent another transformation, this time as a cultural center and destination on the Connecticut River Byway.

Today Court Street Arts at Alumni Hall is a place where art, culture and community come together. It is dedicated to fostering and making accessible the fine and performing arts. Programs in the visual arts, music, dance, and theater that feature both regional and nationally- recognized artists are held year-round.

Liz Bayne, President
Charlene Aldrich, Vice President
Erin Pasquerillo, Treasurer
Stacy Baker, Secretary
Pat Buchanan, Director
Karina Snow
Geoff Mazullo
Margaret Lark Russell
Rebekah Young
Anna Walker, Contract Graphic Designer